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     Audrie H. Hoehn has been practicing law for over fifteen (15) years.  A graduate of Stetson University in DeLand, Florida, with a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Political Science and Stetson College of Law in St. Petersburg, Florida, with a Juris Doctorate degree, Mrs. Hoehn began her legal career as a trusted staff attorney for the circuit court judges in DeLand, Florida.  In that capacity, Mrs. Hoehn handled civil, criminal, family and probate and guardianship cases.  As a staff attorney, she had a front row seat to observing how judges consider and rule in their cases.  Routinely, after extensively researching the law, Mrs. Hoehn would advise the judges on the applicable law for their cases and recommend a course of action.  This position provided Ms. Harris great insight into how things proceed behind the scenes.

     After over three (3) years as a staff attorney, Mrs. Hoehn moved to the private sector where she excelled in practicing family law, construction law, municipal law, school board law, and appellate law.  Mrs. Hoehn has successfully mediated and tried divorce, custody, probate and guardianship cases and now uses that experience to focus her practice on contract disputes, municipal law and appellate law.

     Mrs. Hoehn has served as an associate city attorney and associate school board attorney researching, advising, and litigating a multitude of issues including, but not limited to:  the constitutionality of a city's short-term rental ordinance; the legality of proposed charter amendments; the constitutionality of the Florida legislature's educational funding scheme; a city's proposed changes to its land use planning and zoning; and the unlawful exercise of jurisdiction by the Florida Building Commission in a city's condemnation proceeding.  Mrs. Hoehn's consistent and reasoned approach to practicing law has served her and her clients well as she routinely advises and counsels governmetal clients on their rights, duties and obligations under the law.

     Throughout her career, Mrs. Hoehn has developed a particular passion for appellate law.  Whether your issue is an unfavorable divorce or custody ruling or jury trial, Mrs. Hoehn can advise you as to the likely success of your case on appeal.  Because Mrs. Hoehn actualy enjoys researching and writing, appellate law comes naturally to her.  Mrs. Hoehn has obtained reversals of equitable distribution awards in divorce cases; a writ of prohibition against the Florida Building Commission for improperly exercising jurisdiction; an opinion affirming a governmental client's actions in enacting zoning ordinances and denying charter school status.   Generally speaking, you have just one opportunity to put forth a compelling argument to the appellate court.  Most times, this argument is only presented in a written brief.  The court does not always grant a party oral argument, which is an opportunity to present the argument to the appellate court orally.  Also, if your attorney at the trial, or lower court, level did not properly preserve an error for appeal, you will be prohibited from raising the error on appeal.  Therefore, it is extremely important that you have trial counsel who appreciates and understands appellate law.  Your future could be at stake - don't leave it to chance. 

     Even if you are not currently involved in litigation, if you are interested in avoiding potential litigation, contact Mrs. Hoehn to have her review your contracts.  Mrs. Hoehn's experience in representing governmental agencies, parties to construction projects, and parties in all types of family, probate and guardianship matters, and litigating similar contracts, has provided her with keen insight into what terms are likely to be troublesome and what terms are essential to protecting your rights.  Whether the contract is for employment, construction, or for the purchase of new equipment, if you don't address the terms of the contract before signing and there is a breach of the contract in the future, you could be waiving significant rights.  You could further be forced to litigate the case in another state or pay liquidated damages.  Protect yourself, your family and your business by contacting Mrs. Hoehn today to review your next contract.  The other side likely has their lawyer reviewing, and most likely drafting the contract, why aren't you having your lawyer review the contract and, acccordingly, protecting YOUR rights?

     When not practicing law, Mrs. Hoehn takes great pride in serving on the Board of Directors for PACE Alachua and spending time with her husband and three sons.  

Contact Mrs. Hoehn today for your initial consultation
     Contact Mrs. Hoehn today for your initial consultation.  Mrs. Hoehn has flexible office hours and is agreeable to meeting you at your office or a mutually convenient location.  Speaking with your lawyer does not have to be a stressful or frustrating experience.  After all, I am on your side. 
     Mrs. Hoehn represents clients in Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Gilchrist, Levy and Union counties. 

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